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To cook well, you need three things: fresh ingredients, simple techniques, and a few, high quality tools. Like anything, having the right equipment makes doing the job that much better. Whether it's a well seasoned pan or a casserole dish that's been passed down through the generations, great kitchenware makes cooking a joy.

A Chef's knife is the single most important tool in any kitchen, and is used in the creation of virtually every dish. A sharp knife means more control and less slippage when you cut, leading to safer, more consistent slices. Plus, cutting with a sharp knife is just more fun! From mincing garlic and fine herbs to breaking down that tough butternut squash you got in your CSA, a truly sharp chef's knife will help you get the job done.


Your hairdressing scissors are the tools of your trade – and couldn’t be more important. When you invest in a quality pair of scissors, you can prolong their life so that you’ll get the very best return from your investment.

Always choose an experienced provider when it’s time to have your scissors sharpened. Your scissors will have a very long lasting sharp edge if they are serviced correctly. A sharpening service of good repute will have the facility and experience to sharpen and re-balance scissors. 


We come to you for all your knife sharpening needs with our mobile service call today to book  with us.

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